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On behalf of the British Council, Oui Marketing is rolling out a global multi-channel communications campaign in some 20 countries on 5 continents. Entitled There Are 1001 Ways to Speak English (portfolio), the campaign marks the 25th anniversary of the IELTS, the world’s leading English test, and targets international students seeking entry into English-language universities, and candidates for immigration to English-speaking countries.

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logo CinéFête

At the origin of this collaboration, CinéFête’s will to facilitate orders of programs for schools (schools, colleges and universities) and to simplify the management of its catalogue and royalties. With an accounting system directly connected to the catalog and transparent for users, calculation and payments of the royalties to the authors and right holders are now made directly from the site.

Besides this technical revamp, CinéFête wanted also to renew its brand image long time associated with a catalog of educative films and to broaden its audience to larger public than children and to territories outside Quebec

Site Web CinéFête

The new visual identity designed around a  logo symbolizing the projector/screen couple, opens a window on the diversity and the richness of CinéFête's catalog. It also depicts CinéFête as the witness of a world of cultures and exchanges, told through a catalog of documentaries offering a large variety of points of view.

Thanks to this technical and aesthetic evolution, CineFêtes positions itself as the reference documentaries fund for schools, colleges and universities in Canada and even in United States.

Visit CinéFête's new website at this address:

Our first video advertising, true ode to the Williams Aluminum products especially to its new range of balcony 20 years guaranteed, was broadcasted on RDI on March 17th, . Discover today the making of the advertising, courtesy of the Outan productions.

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To support the launch of the new flavor Red Chili Pepper Boursin cheese (Bel Cheese Canada) and seduce amateurs of spicy flavors, Oui Marketing created a spicy point of sale advertising.

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For their first TV ad, the Aluminiums Williams have chosen humor and a song to underline the durability of their products especially on their new balconies range, 100% aluminum and guaranteed for 20 years!

On a catchy and likable tune inspired from bluegrass, the video imagined by Oui Marketing stages a musician duet detailing a series of everyday objects with limited life compared to Aluminium Williams' new range of balconies.

The advertising campaign will be visible on TV and on Internet from March 17th to May 18th, a period enough longer to stuck this tune in every heads during the spring.

Williams Aluminum's portfolio

Logo fond d'urgence

Humanitarian Coalition is a non-profit organization formed by five member organizations: CARE Canada, Oxfam Canada, Oxfam Quebec, Plan Canada and Save the Children Canada. It proposes a joint Canadian approach in response to international humanitarian crises and helps centralize and coordinate humanitarian assistance, greater public awareness of the urgent needs and increase the impact of interventions to save lives.

Since 2010, Oui Marketing has been working on behalf of the Humanitarian Coalition to raise awareness during major international humanitarian crises. It has recently directed the movie Philippines 2013 to collect donations after Typhoon Haiyan had struck the archipelago last November.

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L’Association des agences de publicité du Québec (AAPQ) vient de lever le voile sur les membres de son nouveau conseil d’administration. Nous sommes fiers de compter parmi les dix membres élus notre président, David Proulx.

David Proulx se joint au C.A. de l’AAPQ(Crédit photo : Marc-Antoine Charlebois)

« Il s’agit d’une réelle marque de confiance de la part de l’AAPQ », affirme David. « Je suis heureux qu’une agence émergente comme la nôtre trouve sa place au sein de ce conseil. Cette nomination nous permet un nouveau regard sur l’industrie et la possibilité d’exprimer notre vision, de faire valoir notre réalité. Cela témoigne aussi du désir de l’AAPQ de représenter l’ensemble des acteurs publicitaires. »

Il y a moins d’un an, David entrait dans le premier comité de la Relève de l’AAPQ. S’ajoute ce premier mandat au sein du C.A. de l’AAPQ pour – au moins – les deux prochaines années. Fondée en 1988, l’AAPQ est un organisme sans but lucratif qui regroupe aujourd’hui plus de 70 agences membres, lesquelles génèrent plus de 85 % du chiffre d’affaires de l’industrie au Québec.

Photo (de gauche à droite) :
Rangée du haut : David Proulx (Oui Marketing), Dominique Villeneuve (AAPQ), Denis Roy (Egzakt), Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken (TP1), Benoit Cartier (CART1ER), Ody Giroux (Carat).
Rangée du bas : Marc Lanouette (TANK), Mélanie Dunn (Cossette), Ann Bouthillier (PALM + HAVAS), Alain Tadros (BCP).
Absent : Jacques-Hervé Roubert (Nurun)


For the launch of its world campaign to promote the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), the British Council has decided to retain the services of Oui Marketing.

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