New design and enhanced user interface for the new CinéFête website

logo CinéFête

At the origin of this collaboration, CinéFête’s will to facilitate orders of programs for schools (schools, colleges and universities) and to simplify the management of its catalogue and royalties. With an accounting system directly connected to the catalog and transparent for users, calculation and payments of the royalties to the authors and right holders are now made directly from the site.

Besides this technical revamp, CinéFête wanted also to renew its brand image long time associated with a catalog of educative films and to broaden its audience to larger public than children and to territories outside Quebec

Site Web CinéFête

The new visual identity designed around a  logo symbolizing the projector/screen couple, opens a window on the diversity and the richness of CinéFête’s catalog. It also depicts CinéFête as the witness of a world of cultures and exchanges, told through a catalog of documentaries offering a large variety of points of view.

Thanks to this technical and aesthetic evolution, CineFêtes positions itself as the reference documentaries fund for schools, colleges and universities in Canada and even in United States.

Visit CinéFête’s new website at this address: